We generate weight and balance documentation for more than 1800 flights per day and ensure safe, efficient and fully compliant operations of our customers.


We support ground handlers and airlines in enhancing their load control operations and develop customised solutions in different focus areas.

What is Centralised Load Control?

Centralising load control means relieving the personnel at the airport from performing load control tasks and instead bundling those activities at a central location. In this approach, the aircraft weight and balance calculations are performed remotely by a Load Control Agent – a trained expert in weight and balance management,  flight handling, reporting and monitoring.

Why Centralise Load Control?

The concept of centralised load control brings a variety of benefits and ultimately positively impacts the aircraft turnaround:

  1. Ramp personal can solely focus on safe ramp activities while the Load Control Agent can fully focus on all load control tasks
  2. Staff and resources are deployed more efficiently which means more flights can be handled with less inputs
  3. Load control operations are better manageable in regards to training & compliance, quality assurance and administration
  4. Load control operations can be performed from places that offer the best local conditions
  5. Consistent processes can be implemented that facilitate a better on-time performance, optimised payload capacity and increased fuel efficiency


Adoption of efficient centralised load control operations is a journey. A reliable partner with extensive experience and the necessary structures and resources is key to each step of the way. In the last years, GLC has successfully supported many leading airlines in this transformation process.

No matter what the individual starting conditions and goals are, GLC is able to go along with you and develop a customised CLC solution.

What you can expect from us:

Implementation Expertise

GLC realises projects of any size and complexity. Our dedicated project team is specialised in flight migration projects and follows a comprehensive approach that offers you security and supports you in change management.

Multiple DCS Experience

We are experienced in the full spectrum of available systems. From manual weight and balance calculations through to the operation of new generation departure control systems. We support and advise what suits your needs best.

Process Improvement Expertise

We do not just take on your load control activities, we set our sights to transform these activities and tweak your aircraft turnaround. This means process alignment to induce fuel savings, better OTP and revenue maximisation.

Auxiliary Services

We developed a range of auxiliary services that complement our core service and give you an all-round service experience. This includes a platform for easy Ramp + Load Control communication.


Customer Focus

The GLC Operations Support Centre is our customers’ 24/7 point of contact for exceptional support in regards to operational matters and system issues. A team of dedicated account managers ensures incorporation of our customers’ individual needs.

Operational Insights

We capture and analyse your operational data and give you the insights in your network that you need. Together we eliminate identified risks and set new quality standards.

Our Advisory Services FOCUS AREAS

GLC responds to the market needs and increasingly supports organisations such as ground handlers and airlines in an advisory capacity. Our experienced industry professional provide their expert knowledge and apply proven problem solving techniques to help overcoming operational challenges related to load control.

Quality, Safety and Risk Management

Training and Compliance

Systems and Communication


We would be more than happy to talk to you about any of our load control and consulting services and solutions.