Talent Management

Taking the expression ‘people are our most important asset’ to the next level, GLC is proud to present its comprehensive ‘Professional Training and Development Programme’ as part of its talent management initiative.

The continuity of GLC’s organisation’s success is directly linked to the talent we employ and develop. Taking the opportunity to nurture the potential of high-performing, highly motivated employees with a ‘can-do’ attitude will ensure the provision of experts and leaders of tomorrow at GLC. Over the last nine years, one of the secrets of the company’s success has been to promote from within. The objective of GLC’s ‘Professional Training and Development Programme’ is to provide GLC’s employees with the relevant exposure and essential training at the early stages of and during their careers. Thus, we can produce highly skilled and balanced employees, prospective leaders and experts of tomorrow, and good ambassadors for GLC. Taking the aspects and needs of the business and our employees into consideration, we have developed a programme based on seven pillars, which cover a wide range of disciplines within the company.


Pillar 1: Experts
The ‘Path for Experts’ will be defined by the existing modular training concept. This is a fundamental and integral part of our core business, and a specific, unique career path for experts in the specialized field of aircraft handling.

Pillar 2: Job Upgrades
Our ‘Job Upgrades’ will be specifically focusing on different functions in the Back-Office, as well as on functions of Duty Managers. This pillar has been designed to provide a range of training and workshops in order to elevate the effectiveness and quality of services offered to our internal and external customers.

Pillar 3: Project Management
This programme aims to provide all necessary skills in the area of project management. It will take place over a period of one year and shall give an in-depth theoretical foundation that will then be applied practically in a real life assignment within GLC.

Pillar 4: Leadership
Over a period of one year GLC provides relevant workshops for ambitious employees in order to develop their potential for prospective leadership positions within GLC. The successful completion of this programme will equip the candidates with fundamentals in leadership skills.

Pillar 5: Academia
Each year GLC will support committed employees by providing full or partial scholarships for university programs and/or courses which add value to the day-to-day business of our operation.

Pillar 6: Pro GLC
The one year ‘Pro GLC‘ trainee programme is our center-wide staff development programme for top employees who want to get an over view of different areas of our business, and project management experience. We offer the opportunity to work in and add value to challenging GLC projects, as well as to be part of concept development and implementation of strategic key projects.

Pillar 7: Pro X
“Pro X” is a new development to the Talent Management portfolio and is aimed at external candidates that have recently graduated from university and are entering into a professional career. This graduate recruitment opportunity is ideal to help nurture new talent into their careers by exposing the successful candidate to a variety of departments within GLC.