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Brno is the capital of South Moravia region and the second major city in the Czech Republic with a population of around 370,000 and another approximately 90,000 students attending one of 9 universities located in Brno.

Over the years, many major companies such as Acer, Vodafone, IBM, Lufthansa, Infosys BPO, PPG Industries, Motorola, IBM, Siemens, Honeywell, FEI have established their service centres, customer support centres and research centres in the Brno region.

Brno has an excellent infrastructural setup with established public transportation system, international airport and one of the highest densities of motorways in the Czech Republic all positioning it at the economic heartland of middle Europe.

Cape Town is the second-most populated city in South Africa after Johannesburg and the provincial capital of the Western Cape. It is also the legislative capital of the country.

Today it is one of the most multicultural cities in the world with an estimated population of 3.74 million for the metropolitan area and is proud to be the economic hub of the Western Cape Province, South Africa’s second main economic centre. In an African context it is Africa’s third main economic hub city.

Infrastructural stability and service delivery as well as a diverse and skilled workforce mean that Cape Town is well positioned as an international player and hotspot for economic growth.

Turkey is a natural bridge between both East-West and North-South axes, thus creating an efficient and cost effective outlet to major markets. Turkey’s booming economy has tripled its GDP during the last years and reached 789 billion USD in 2012. It’s promising economy is expected to become the fastest growing economy among the OECD members during 2012-2017 with a dynamic and mature private sector.

Turkey’s largest city Istanbul is the only city in the world which is simultaneously located on the two continents. The city is known as a link between east and the west. Istanbul has always been the center of trade and commerce due to its strategic location at major land and sea trade routes. Istanbul embraces one of the largest youth populations in the world who are well-educated and multi-cultural. Many international companies prefer Istanbul for their business expansion due to the promising economy unique diversity and talented youth population.