Quality Assurance

Quality and safety are synonymous at GLC. This culture of safety and quality is engrained in each employee and each employee aspires for the highest safety standards. Through our extensive quality assurance mechanisms this is achieved and has been audited extensively by our esteemed customers. The focus of quality and safety has lead to excellence being achieved within the organisation and also lead to Lufthansa awarding GLC the quality prize in 2009.

Quality Policy

Global Load Control commits itself to producing a quality service by focusing on the principles of safety, punctuality and economy. We commit to complying with the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements of the weight and balance of aircraft, to the ongoing review of our system, including the review of our quality objectives to the suitability of our business as well as our quality management system.

Global Load Control is a leader in load control services offering innovative tools, streamlined processes and flexible solutions for Lufthansa, its partners and customers.

Global Load Control strives for exceptional quality throughout its business to ensure future growth, development and success of the company.

Below are the cornerstones of the Quality Policy:

Our Policy benchmark is to consistently meet customer requirements and strive to exceed the expectations of our customers. Therefore we at Global Load Control will ensure that our customers are our primary focus, that each customer’s needs are clearly defined and understood, that all our colleagues are properly trained in all aspects of their jobs and through a policy of continuous improvement, aim for consistent Customer Satisfaction.
Through constant support, development and training, we ensure that each individual is empowered to deliver a quality service. Global Load Control recognizes that the strength of the organization lies within each individual and we involve our employees in striving for superior quality.
Global Load Control strives for the continuous improvement of service through the use of innovative tools, state of the art technology and an effective (ISO certified) quality management system, which is continually reviewed and improved.

Audit Readiness

GLC has an ethos of providing customer support and care with the utmost professionalism. As a customer-centric organisation we dedicate to provide a service that is guided by the strictest safety standards. With high safety standards as a foundation of our commitment to our customers this ensures that all other processes are followed correctly and time consciously.

GLC prides itself in satisfying customer needs including handling aircraft in a multitude of systems and to each customers unique standards.

In order to be able to ensure the highest safety, process and system standards at all times, GLC is conducting regular internal audits on a bi-annually basis where processes, documentations and information are checked against industry rules and regulations and eventually adjusted and rectified as necessary. This task is performed by our trained and experienced Quality Team that is dedicated to highest audit standards.

GLC also provides the opportunity for customers to conduct external audits at any time and regularly welcomes customer representatives at our centers where we gladly provide insights into our flight handling procedures and answer any open questions.

With that, GLC creates transparency for all stakeholders and is proud to provide excellent standards.