About Global Load Control

We began operating from Cape Town, South Africa, in July 2004, bringing together a myriad of capabilities to the benefit of our employees, partners and clientele.

“We create better ways as leading provider for centralized load control services & logistics.„
GLC is a virtual network consisting of three centres in Cape Town (South Africa), Brno (Czech Republic) and Istanbul (Turkey) that offers market leading load control services for Lufthansa, its partners and customers.

The centralised head-office means that steering takes place from one location to ensure consistency of production and maintenance of highest service quality.

Our team of dedicated customer service experts ensures implementation of our Quality Management System to ensure the highest service excellence while a team of key account managers ensures optimal service delivery.

Geographically the locations have been individually chosen to ensure a diverse work force that has a higher skill basis, access to multiple languages, stable infrastructure and the lowest possible cost basis.

Complementing the most innovative and stable information technologies, these locations ensure a combination of highest quality and competitive cost base.

The 3 center set-up ensures redundancy on 2 continents and makes our 24/7, 365 days per year operation seamless and without disruptions 100 percent of the time.